[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] MANTEI oo ZIEG and Mantei oo Mantei

Delores Stevens deloresstevens at sasktel.net
Sun Apr 5 20:26:37 PDT 2009

Just to let you know that some of the Mantei's are buried in Bergheim 
Cemetary, located between Saskatoon and Aberdeen.  This group includes
Alice Mantei Dec 12, 1933 - Oct 11, 1939
Christina Mantei 1857 - 1922
Michael Mantei 1856 - 1935

I do not know if this list is complete as one of my cousins was doing the 

Woodlawn Cemetary in Saskatoon includes the following members of the Mantei 
MANTEI          JUSTINA                  21373     19A-L011-SH 
Aug-10-1960    Aug-13-1960
MANTIE          ADOLPH                   6118      81-L037-N1/2 
Jun-21-1929    Jun-23-1929
MANTIE          BABY BOY                 4444      47-L008-S1/3EC1/4 TR 
Dec-05-1924    Dec-10-1924
MANTIE          BABY GIRL                3904      47-L001-N1/3EC1/4 CR 
Feb-18-1923    Feb-23-1923
MANTIE          BABY GIRL                3903      47-L001-N1/3EC1/4 CR 
Feb-18-1923    Feb-23-1923

The rest may be at Aberdeen, but do not know if that has been recorded, 
would need to check with Saskatchewan Genealogical Society.

My mother's aunt was married to a Mantei and would have to ask her where he 
is buried.

Delores Maduke

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