[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Baby illness term

gpvjem gpvjem at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 9 07:43:49 PDT 2009

You are correct Rose-Marie,  Kraempfen = Cramps.   
It was a term often used relative to the deaths of  infants in many records as cause of death.  Sometimes the term might have been used in conjunction with convulsions.

John Marsch


  My grandmother had three children who died in infancy in Volhynia. I just
  heard from one of my aunts, that my grandmother had told her that they had
  died of "Kraempfe" - and please excuse the spelling, if it is incorrect. I'm
  not too fluent in German - and the thought that comes to mind is "cramps?"
  Can anyone enlighten me as to what this might mean? Was it a non-technical
  term for a medical condition? Or . . . ?


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