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My mother made a dish that we called 'kliesel'  (my spelling) that sounds 
similar to what you describe. On searching with Google I came accross a 
Russian website in which there was a recipe for Klizel.  The translated 
version is a bit difficult to follow but it seems to be what you're looking 

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> My aunt was just asking me to see if I could track down a recipe for this 
> dish, and I've been through multiple Polish cookbooks without any success.
> I'd also appreciate hearing how this dish is made.
> Thanks for triggering this memory, Rose-Marie!
> Judy Herling
> Researching Family History for:
> Germany / Poland
> Now, on an entirely different line - I have another question. There is a
> dish my grandmother made in the times when the depression was severe, and 
> it
> was hard to feed a hungry family even here in Canada on the prairies. It 
> was
> called "fooshia" - and I don't know how to spell it. The
> "oo" is pronounced as in "foot". It was potatoes mashed with flour, and 
> cooked somehow
> so the flour was no longer raw. Bacon was cubed and fried, and the bacon 
> bits
> and
> fat were both put into cream. (Are we gagging yet?) The potato mixture was
> served with the cream sauce. She continued to make it occasionally, even
> when times were much better. I had it as a child; but the last time I ate
> it, it sat in my stomach for several days, I swear! Not that I will ever
> make this dish, but is anyone familiar with it (it seems to be a dish
> brought from the Old Country), and can tell me/us just how it was made? I 
> am
> actually wanting to make a cookbooklet of recipes that my grandmother was
> noted for, and certainly this one qualifies. None of my kin seem to know
> just how it was made.
> Thank-you in advance!
> Rose-Marie
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