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As regards volhyinian Fuscher, a recipe for  (foosher), is given here (in 

L. Fritz

Am Montag, 13. April 2009 04:44:50 schrieb Ron Neuman:
> For many years my sister, Irene (Neuman) Hinchberger has made a pot
> of "foosher" or "fuscher" for lunch at our annual gritzwurst making
> day.  A year ago I finally convinced Irene to write down the
> recipe.  She immediately said that there was no recipe - it was all
> in her head.  The recipe was in her head, and had been firmly
> implanted there by our mother, Elsie (Henkelmann) Neuman.  Foosher
> was evidently made in Vohynia by our mother's parents/grandparents,
> and remained a favorite after the families moved to Alberta in the
> late 1890's.
> There is no cream in this version, and no boiling of dumplings.  The
> version that Irene makes is exactly as I remember what our mother
> made, so I think it is fairly authentic.  As usual with ethnic folk
> recipes, you need to use your imagination a bit, and likely do some
> experimenting.
> Foosher (Fuscher)
> - fry bacon - 1/2 pound bacon (drain the bacon and save the bacon
> fat.  Break the bacon into pieces the size of a quarter)
> - 6 medium potatoes, peeled and cut in pieces.  Boil until well done.
> - Leave about 1 inch of cooking water in the pot with the potatoes
> after they are cooked, and save the rest of the water
> - sprinkle 2/3 cup flour over the potatoes and water, cover and steam
> for 15 minutes
> - then mash this mixture well, and add another 1/3 cup flour and mash
> again until it "feels right" (Irene says that it should have a
> somewhat gluey texture, and if it doesn't feel right you can add some
> more flour and cooking water if needed and mash it again)
> - once you have the mixture well mashed, you drop tablespoonfuls of
> the potato/flour mixture into a casserole until the bottom of the
> casserole is covered
> - then sprinkle that layer with half of the bacon bits and drizzle
> some of the bacon fat over it
> - add another layer of the potato balls, sprinkle it with the
> remaining bacon, and drizzle some more bacon fat onto it
> - bake uncovered in a 350 degree oven until it is lightly browned
> (about 30 minutes).

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