[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] FRIEDRICH aus Boryszewo/Tiefenbach, Plock (UpstreamVistula)

Siegfried Friedrich siegfried at familie-friedrich.de
Mon Apr 13 01:19:28 PDT 2009


I'm the first time in this maillist. My name is Siegfried FRIEDRICH. I 
search for more informations to my ancestors. A few times ago I found an 
interesting chronicle of the school and the community Nowe Boryszewo 
/Tiefenbach (Plock) by Franz Lackner.


Here you can read, that in 1825 a few settlers from Germany buyed land 
over there.

One of them was called *FRIEDRICH*.

The postman *Hermann FRIEDRICH* on page 33 is my still living uncle (and 
also the 15 years old boy on page 50). The man on page 35 with the 
number 20 was my grandfather *Ludwig FRIEDRICH*. He was born in 1886.

August FRIEDRICH (no. 18) was his brother, Ferdinand LINK (no. 9) was 
there brother-in-law. Two daughters of the family KULBARSCH (I think n. 
43) are godmothers to my brother Wolfgang.

The coachman (page 74) was August FRIEDRICH.

In a published article "Aus der Geschichte der Niedrungsdörfer der 
Gemeinde Gombin" you read something about a village Deutsch-Troschin.

The wife of my grandfather Ludwig FRIEDRICH was born there in 1889. 
She's called Marta FRIEDRICH (born: FELSCHER). This is the Mrs. 
FRIEDRICH from page 54 in the chronicle of Tiefenbach where you can 
read: "Frau Friedrich, deren Mann und sämtliche 3 Söhne im Felde 
stehen". The sons were my uncles Albert and Hermann and my father Ewald 

I think, further brothers and sisters to Ludwig and August FRIEDRICH 
were Adolf, Eduard, Gustav, Julius and her married sister ? LINK.

Who can give me further informations to my ancestors?

Kind regards and Happy Easter
Siegfried (FRIEDRICH)

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