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Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Mon Apr 13 16:17:25 PDT 2009

Rita Lyster schrieb:
> Over Easter I put pen to paper and recorded a short history of my 
> sister-in-law.  Her grandparents came to Canada in the early 1900's 
> possibly 1907 - 1909 from Poland.
> The name of the place is phonetically:  Scalanadrusham meaning "hill 
> on the river" and was by a river that separates Ukraine and Poland.
> Their names were Joseph and Rosalie Kindzierski (sounds like "Kinjerski")
> Her father was already born in Canada on 16 August 1911 in Rainy 
> River, Ontario.
> They spoke Ukrainian at home.  She always thought they were Polish but 
> I wonder?

Hello Rita,
the most common Polish spelling of the surname is KĘDZIERSKI. It is very
frequently occurring (15581 events in www.herby.com.pl ) and widely
spread over the whole country. Its origin may be the village of
Kędzierz, actually part of Dębica, some 100 km east of Krakow and a bit
off the eastern bank of the river Wisłoka.

There is a Joseph KINDZIERSKI in www.ellisisland.org who immigrated Nov
10, 1907 to the USA. His place of origin is given as Czarny Dunajec, a
town some 60 km south of Krakow but quite far from the Ukrainian border.
But Czarny Dunajec (black Dunajec) is as well a town as a tributary to
the Dunajec river. Before 1918 it was part of the Austrian empire.

Sclanadrusham = ??
Szklana = something of glass
Huta Szklana = glassworks, glass foundry
drużyna = team, crew, squad


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