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Subject: 	Volhynien
Date: 	Tue, 21 Apr 2009 08:47:18 +0200
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I'm a polish political science student and am about to write a book 
about the Germans from Volhynia that had been moved from Ukraine during 
the second World War. 

What I'm interested in is to get in touch with people whose parents or 
grand parents were Germans living in Volhynia. In my opinion they all 
have some stories to be told and myths to be overthrown. I would really 
like to collect all those memoirs and write a book about them and how 
life in that particular time was like. How was it like to live 
surrounded by Poles, Jews and Ukrainians who lived in peace and coolness 
with eachother.

Do you know any people whose ancestors were Volhynian Germans that I 
could talk to?

Thanks in advance!

Michał Gąsior
mobile: +48 791 762 131
www: http://www.michalgasior.pl/
mail: gasiormichal at gmail.com <mailto:gasiormichal at gmail.com>

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