[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] music sources

Nancy Gertner nancygertner at mac.com
Tue Apr 21 07:39:26 PDT 2009

I go to www.iTunes.com to get a specific type of music or song.

You can play samples about 30 seconds long before making a purchase.

CDs can be purchased as an album, or by individual songs.

Price used to be 99 cents per song, but this changed recently, so  
some are more and some can be less.

Your local library may also have a section of International music  
that might allow you to sample music before purchasing, or check it  
out and use it for your special occasion.

Many music stores have a section of International music, and some  
shops that specialize in ethnic items will also carry CDs.

www.CDbaby.com is a source to buy that is more direct from the  
musicians, and eBay is also a place to find lots of music items,  
which can also be found at places like www.Amazon.com


On Apr 20, 2009, at 7:11 PM, caroline dacyk wrote:

> I am wanting to find music that has been recorded in German. I  
> specifically am looking for songs related to love,marriage,wedding  
> anniversaries to be played to honour a Golden Wedding Anniversary.  
> Help needed.

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