[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Gutzke/Guzke and Knull Family

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Amalia's surname may be Gatzke as that name occured in the Elisabethpol area 
of Volhynia.  Two girls named Amalia Gatzke were born in Rozyszcze parish, 
one on 4 Apr 1886 and the other on 5 Oct 1887.
Also there were several Knull families in the same area.  The St. Petersburg 
Archive index has a Gustav Knull born 9 Mar 1885, parents Christian Knull / 
Rosalie Schultz.  He may be your Gustaf Knull.
Four of Christian's brothers and their families migrated to Leduc, Alberta 
in 1901 and there are many descendants in Alberta.
If this is the correct Gustav Knull, write to me privately and I will put 
you in touch with a Knull descendant who may have further information about 
the Christian Knull family.
Dick Stein

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> Hello,
> Looking for information regarding Amalia "Mollie" Gutzke/Guzke who married
> Gustaf Knull (b. 1883, d. 1945) and their children Paul (married Olga; 3
> children - Elsa and 2 boys), Olga, Leokadia (Efrom Hundt -have much
> information on this) and Elsa (Hermann Ziermmer).  Leokadia is from the
> German Colony of Elizabetpol, Ukraina.
> Thanks, Renee Hundt
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