[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] For our Wisconsin members

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 25 18:43:20 PDT 2009

I wanted to distribute this Bulletin Board posting through our mailing 
list as I thought it important and many of you might not see it on the 

Someone from Germany is trying to contact family who originally lived in 
Wisconsin.  Is there someone (especially perhaps in the Kenosha region) 
who could root around a little to see if you can help him out? 

You can contact the poster, Dieter Weiss at    d.g.weiss at gmx.de   Dieter 
is apparently planning to come to the convention and it would be nice if 
he could meet relatives at the same time.

The posting reads:

"My grandparents moved to the US from Germany in 1923. I found the ship 
papers of my grandmother on the home page of Ellis Island foundation. 
There it said under relative in the US:"BR.I.L Fred Weiss Road No 1 
Somers Kenosha,Wisc. and Husband Albert Weiss" My Grandfather immigrated 
earlier than my grandmother, but I didn't know that a brother of my 
grandfather was there as well. He originally was Friedrich Weiss and 
seemingly called himself Fred. In later research I found a photo of him, 
there his Last name is written Weis with only one s. The picture was 
definitely taken in the US as it had the imprint "Postcard" on the back. 
My grandparents moved back to Germany during the great depression in 
1929. I don't know what happened to Fred Weiss (or Weis) and I haven't a 
clue how to look for him in the US. Weiss is a common name, the search 
time dates back 80 to 90 years and there are no registers in the US as 
far as I know. Any advise would be appreciated. As I am preparing my 
trip to the conference in Milwaukee in July I would have time for on 
site research as well."

Thank you.

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

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