[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Place search: ''Rumunki Sierpeckie'' in Sierpc county, Russ-Poland

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 27 06:06:35 PDT 2009

The Rumunki you found is probably the correct one, though it is still a 
guess.  There are several other Rumunki to the west and SW of Sierpc but 
they have different adjectives associated with their names. 

My modern map shows the one you found as Rumunki Str. Wies (Rumunki Old 
Village) but also Rumunki Chwaly (Rumunki by Chwaly).

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

BirgitSteinke&GerhardAJabs wrote:
> Hello all,
> Julius Leopold Jabs, who was a younger brother of my great-grandfather 
> Eduard August Jabs, was born in Ossówka near Sierpc on September 4th 
> 1865 and died in Rumunki Sierpeckie on July 5th 1899. Also his son 
> Robert Jabs was born and died in Rumunki Sierpeckie on March 22nd 1898. 
> (Source: Ev.-Augsb. church records of Sierpc; State archive of Plock.)
> I did not find this village in the Sierpc county.
> I've used the ShtetlSeeker of JewishGen, "Slownik geograficzny 
> Królestwa Polskiego i innych krajów slowianskich" 
> ( http://www.dir.icm.edu.pl/pl/Slownik_geograficzny/ ) and 
> Jutta Dennerlein's UpstreamVistula.org .
> Perhaps it might be "Rumunki", which is between Jaworowo-Lipa,
> Rzeszotary-Zawady, Ostrów, Rzeszotary-Pszczele and Rzeszotary-Chwaly. 
> This area is few kilometers NE of Sierpc.
> Any help, comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 
> Thanks a lot!
> Gerhard
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