[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Surname HRYNJKE ?

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Mon Apr 27 15:18:44 PDT 2009

Thanks Günther.

It did not mean to suggest that Grinko was not a valid Russian surname.  However, if the person in question (John does not say) were of German ethnic heritage, then perhaps Gruenke (sometimes spelled Grynke in Polish records) would be rendered as Гриньке on a Russian passport.  When transliterated back into English, it could come out as Hrynke.


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> > In other words John, you might be looking at the equivalent of 
> the Germanic surname Gruenke - maybe, perhaps???
> > and I just found them back to 1826
> Jerry,
> «Подтвердительный привилей князей Федора и Константина 
> Корьятовичей *пану Гринько* на город Соколец. За верную службу» 
> от 20 июня 1391 г.
> (a "sir GRIN'KO" mentioned June 20th, 1391 and related to the 
> town of Sokolets, Bulgaria)
> Günther
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