[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wagner family from Annette, Volhynia

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Pastor Frederick Rink's family lived in Annette and as a result he writes a
couple of articles about this early Volhynien village; in "Wie liegt so
weit, was mein einst war" he refers to some of the founding colonists and
where they came from; for Wagner he says they probably came from Galicia(the
Rink family originated in Josephsberg, Galicia); Galicia was settled by
Germans from the south west corner of Germany; Wuerttemberg and the
Rhineland Pfalz area; so a rough overview could be a migration in about 1781
into Galicia, with a subsequent move into Annette in about 1816;
Other members might be able to help you further in tracking your Galician
relatives, and as well a couple of sites might be helpful:
www.galiziengermandescendents.org and www.galizien-online.de .

Howard Krushel  

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Good day

Where can I write requesting information on my Wagner family that came from
Annette in Volhynia in 1909?  I'm trying to trace them back prior to coming
to Annette and I have no more information.

Thank you for your assistance.

Jeff Krebs

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