[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wagner family from Annette, Volhynia

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Thank you Howard

I'm going to send you two articles directly I found several years ago
written my Fredrick Rink transcribed by J.M Richey.  Interestingly, my grand
aunt Antonia nee Wagner, when I interviewed her prior to her death, said she
knew the Rink family.  She was in her late 90s at the time and had
difficulty remembering much as when she came to Canada, she was 6 years old.

After reading the Rink articles, I became convinced that Wagners did come
from the Josefsberg area in Galicia and may have even known my Krebs
ancestors.  Analyzing the data I've gathered is convincing but not definite
as of yet.  I'm a member of the www.galiziengermandescendents.org as well.
Thank you for the other site.


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Pastor Frederick Rink's family lived in Annette and as a result he writes a
couple of articles about this early Volhynien village; in "Wie liegt so
weit, was mein einst war" he refers to some of the founding colonists and
where they came from; for Wagner he says they probably came from Galicia(the
Rink family originated in Josephsberg, Galicia); Galicia was settled by
Germans from the south west corner of Germany; Wuerttemberg and the
Rhineland Pfalz area; so a rough overview could be a migration in about 1781
into Galicia, with a subsequent move into Annette in about 1816;
Other members might be able to help you further in tracking your Galician
relatives, and as well a couple of sites might be helpful:
www.galiziengermandescendents.org and www.galizien-online.de .

Howard Krushel  

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Good day

Where can I write requesting information on my Wagner family that came from
Annette in Volhynia in 1909?  I'm trying to trace them back prior to coming
to Annette and I have no more information.

Thank you for your assistance.

Jeff Krebs

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