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Patricia Herron meadowflower at verizon.net
Mon Aug 10 15:41:19 PDT 2009

In an old diary written by my great uncle (Adolph Preuss) he made the following comments regarding places and relatives in Poland.  I am listing some of them, and would love to hear from anyone who recognizes any of the names or places that he mentions.  These comments were during a trip back  to Poland in 1890.  I am trying to find the family of my grandfather, his brother, Carl Herman Preuss (10 March 1858, Elbing).  On Adolph's vaccination certificate his parents were listed as Gottfried Preuss and Caroline Grapentin.

Cousin Ernest Janzen and I went back to Kerbshorst. 

This morning I went to Woppen from there with Franz to Braunswalde to church.  It is a Catholic Church, we have our own bench in there.  (I assume that his "we" means the family and that they may live near there).

This evening I had to go to the train station at Buchwalde (Mydlita) to pick up my Uncle Janzen from Kerbshorst.

Today my brother Rudolf (Preuss) and I went to Spiegelberg to the auction.

In the afternoon I west to pick up my cousin Richard Janzen from the train station.

This morning I took my cousin Otto Gringel to the train stationin Buchwalde.

In the afternoon I took my sister Hulda to the train station at Tonkendorf.

Went to wedding of Ida Grapentin.

I drove my brother Fritz to the train station at Buchwalde.

I drove brother in law Komm to the train station in Tonkendorf.

Sept 1 1891  I went to Speigelburg to get my inheritance.  (I assume one of his parents had died but he made no mention of it in the diary, Immediately following he returned to the US.)

Unfortunately, although he left a lenthy diary, handwritten in some type of old German, he only mentioned where he traveled and with whom.  He did not mention anyone in the family or where the home was or even when he got married.
He did mention the cannon fire when President Grant died.

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