[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Radom State Archive

Michael Stockhausen michael.stockhausen.ff at web.de
Tue Aug 18 11:47:48 PDT 2009

In May, a friend sent an email (in English) to the State Archive in Radom asking for a copy of his Grandparents'  marriage record and of the marriage supplement (alegata). About three weeks ago he sent them a reminder. He has not received any response.

I only have experience with the Archive in Lodz.  Here, it usually takes about a month until I receive a reply. I always write my inquiries in German or English, the response is then in Polish.

Does anyone have an idea, why there is no reaction from Radom? Is it because of the language?
Could someone kindly translate the request into Polish for my friend, so that he could try it again?


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