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Hi Tom,
Yes you are learning the challenges we face. It is common to see the same names used by all families. I am even finding each little community had there own subset of favorite names. On my side I have two sets of ancestors living about 5 miles from each other. You can literally tell what town they are from simply by the first names they are giving the kids.

So you can expect lots of overlap with names. If the families were prolific as it seems yours were, that makes way for even more duplication.

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#yiv444289118 p {margin:0;}Karl,
I know SGGEE001r8 and have spoken with him at length. I trust him completely. 
I am going to be in salt lake city in June and my father and I are planning on making copies of as many documents as we can. 
I see the childrens names are different so I thought maybe one wife passed away and he married again. However, the childrens dates overlap so that could not be the case. Plus there are too many children for it to be an affair.
It is confusing because the first and last names are the same, from the same small town. Also, the families they marry into have the same names. I just found some relatives in Germany with the  last name, Wendland, but it has nothing to do with Anna Kristine Wendland. These Wendlands married into Schwankes, who married into the Krugers, who married into the Jesses. So I keep seeing the same last names down through the generations.
It just gets a little frustrating but there's nothing that can be done about it.
Tom Jess

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Hi Tom,
It seems you wondering whether any of these Andreas are duplicates. To help you out it is good to look at the sources. All of them except one (one of the ones married to the Wendland and the one married to a Siebert) come from the same source - SGGEE001r8. The person who found these data believes they are all distinct people. The two married to a Wendland are the same and the caretaker of the database will see this message and make the merge. Note that the source on the other was Jan Textor.

I guess you are concerned that two Andreas Jess born in same town at same time period are in fact different. From what I see it seems they are different as the children do not all have identical names. They could be cousins. It is common to see the same names used by families and it might take deep study to keep them straight. If you really want to prove it to yourself you might have to rent the films yourself and study all that names that show up. Volunteer SGGEE001 does this so he feels comfortable leaving them separate. 

The possiblity that the Jess and Grams families had more than one connection is also likely. This happens a lot as families got know each other well in their communities.

Let us know if this does not quell your concerns.

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First time I am trying this so I hope I sent it correctly. 

I am very confused about information on Andreas Jesse. I have documentation from my father that lists Gottlieb Jesse as his grandfather and he married Eva Decker. That information is also on the master pedigree database. From there , when you look up Gottliebs father, it says Andreas Jesse, born about 1786-1790, in Borecznia/kolo, married to Rosina Grams. 6 children, Michael, Johan Samuel, Johann Gottfried, Martin, Rosina, and Gottlieb. Andreas ID is I172901. Children born between 1819-1836. 

If you just do a search on Andreas Jesse, 33 names come up. Looking at the ones only born around 1786-1790, there is some confusion. 

There is an Andreas Jesse, born 1803. ID I236429 whose mother was Anna Dorothea Grams. Possibly a cousin. I am thinking Anna Dorothea Grams and Rosina Grams were related. 

There is a Andreas Jesse born 1783 ID I180975 who married Anna Kristine Wendland. This the same Andreas as in ID I13083 born in 1784 who married Anna Kristine Wendland? 

There is an Andreas Jesse born in 1790 in Borecznia/kolo. ID I166159. Born in the same town as my Andreas. Married to Anna Rosina Schneider in 1823, 8 children, Samuel, Luise,Caroline, Gottlieb,Wilhelmine,Johan Daniel,Johan Friederich,Christoph. All born in felicjanow or Borecznia, same as the children of my Andreas. 

The children were born between 1829-1847.  

There is an Andreas Jesse born about 1784 married to a Siebert. ID I156195 

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