[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ortssuche - Dunaj or Dunaje near Beruany?

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Here is a site you might go to for information about the Mazurkiewicz


Joe in Texas

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Hello, my name is Elly, I live in Canada and are searching for my Polish
I have a copy of a church record (marriage) from 1834 entered in the Kath.
Church in Lhuta, Czech Republic (formerly Bohemia). 
It is stated in this record that the groom is from Russian Poland, a small
place called Dunaj or Dunaje near  Beruany or Breczany or Breyany. The
writing is very bad and on top of it are the places written different in
several documents.
Todate I was not able to locate this place and hope that perhaps someone
from the mailing list has heard of it.
The name of my ancestor is Stepan Mazurkiewicz born in the year 1794.

In a seperate document dated also in 1834 referring to my above mentioned
ancestor and his upcoming marriage (located in the archive of the parish of
Libice) is written,  that the groom is from Russian Poland and has agreed to
stay in Libice, Bohemia once the war has ended. 
Would anyone know what war was going on at that time? 
At this point I have exhausted my resources including maps, Google and
ShtetlSeeker and hope that one of the members has heard of such a place.

Many thanks

Elly Huhle

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