[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ukranian immigrants calling themselves Russian

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Was this family Mennonite?

Ekaterinoslav Gubernia is in Russia.  

This webpage may help you.  http://www.gameo.org/encyclopedia/contents/E496.html

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  I may be totally looking the wrong place by asking your group, but I am
  looking for information for my stepfather, Alfred Gerlinsky, whose
  grandfather, Jacob Gerlinsky (or then sonetimes, Gerlinski), immigrated to
  Canda, to Saskatchewan. He arrived in Montreal in 1904, and settled in
  Saskatchewan by 1905, with his wife Barbara and several children, Matilda,
  Martin, Valentin....

  Jacob said in the census that they were all born in
  Russia, but Alfred says, Ekatarinslav, Mariopol. All I can find is Mariupol
  in the Ukraine, and of course, Gerlinsky is a Slavic name. Is there any way
  of finding anything more about this family before they went to Canada?
  Jan Hemmings

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