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"Janke" is an echte (genuine) Frisian surname.  (little John or son of  
Pronounced "Yahn-keh"
The "ke" suffix is Plattdeutsch (a diminutive),(flat-land German or  
Low German)
The J"a"n-ke vowel generates a variation of spellings.
It can be spelled "Janke, Jenke, Jahnke, Jehnke" and so on.
A Susanna Janke was the mother of my uncle, Albert Roll, who was  
married to my Dad's older sister Anna Schienke.

The migration was up the Vistula/Weichsel/Wisla river south, usually  
from the Gdansk/Danzig area or Pommern/Pomerania.
The migration was stimulated by the opening of new Prussian territories.

I would look to the Posen and Dobriner-land areas of Evangelische  
Augsburgische (Lutheran) settlements.

On Dec 22, 2009, at 12:39 PM, kander25 at cableone.net wrote:

> Frank --
> The -ke name ending is rather characteristic of what is now northern  
> Poland, including Pomerania, which is along the Baltic. This doesn't  
> help much for Jubin, but you could try alternate spellings of Janke  
> such as Jahnke and see if you can find something about Anna  
> Christina. There are 2 places named Ludwinow(o) very close to the  
> former German city of Posen, now Poznan in Poland, according to  
> kartenmeister.com. Is it possible they came from that region?
> Karen
> On Tue Dec 22 14:24 , "joepessarra" sent:
> Frank,
> ShtetlSeeker at http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp  
> finds in
> Eastern Europe 18 Ludwinow locations in Poland, and 1 location in  
> Lithuania.
> Do you know for sure which Ludinow you are referencing?
> Joe in Texas
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> Hallo,
> I wonder if anyone can help me - Susanna Jubin was born 27.2.1886 in
> Ludwinow, her mother was 34 years old - Anna Christina Jubin born  
> Janke.
> Any further Information about Anna Christina Jubin/Janke would be
> appreciated.
> Question are - who were there parents - where from she came? When  
> settled in
> Ludwinow?
> Best regards
> Frank Janke

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