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For what it's worth, my GoogleBook search turned up John. H. Pinches, 
"European Nobility and Heraldry: A Comparative Study....", 1994.  There must 
be many others, but this one is fairly recent and must have a bibliography 
of some worth.

Dick Benert
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> There are varying degrees of what constitutes royalty, nobility,
> aristocracy, etc. depending on the country you are dealing with and
> perhaps even the time frame.
> One overview of this is provided at
> http://www.heraldica.org/topics/odegard/titlefaq.htm with the specific
> title of Baron being dealt with near the end.  It is not easy to find
> scholarly material with a GOOGLE search as there are so many sites that
> are attempting to sell such titles, probably fraudulently.  Such title
> might arise out of the land ownership status of the person or it could
> be bestowed for meritorious military or other service to royalty.  Just
> because a family ancestor once held noble status, it does not mean that
> you can still claim the same today.  If your family once held a Coat of
> Arms (in German, Wappen), it does not mean you can claim to own it today.
> So it seems certain that you are connected to nobility which is nice.
> Whether or not you have connections to royalty will require diligent
> research to see who married who.  The story itself of course has to also
> be verified through research.  Most Thrun I found briefly on the
> Internet seem to originate in Pomerania.  This document
> http://www.buetow-pommern.info/materialien/DOWNLOAD/VEROEFF0.PDF (it is
> very large so expect a long download) lists several of them with
> privileges and land ownership status going back to the 1700s.  The
> amount of land when shown seems minimal so I don't know if they would
> qualify for Baron status or not.
> Jerry Frank
> Calgary, AB
> Lloyd Friedrick wrote:
>> Some old letters from my Volhynian relatives refer to our great great 
>> grandfather Gottlieb Thrun was known as Baron von Thrun.
>> A reference in the Odessa site does list him as an landowner near Stettin 
>> in old Pomerania.
>> My view is that the title Baron in the late 1700 - early 1800 simply 
>> expressed the fact that the person was a freeholder of land rather than a 
>> member of the Aristocracy of the day.
>> Many of the younger members of my family of being descendents of the 
>> title and their desire to be descended from Royalty.
>> I would like to advise them of lesser expectations from this simple 
>> reference in our heritage.
>> Would others on this listserve help me with this issue of explaining a 
>> Baron to my young generation.
>> lloyd friedrick in Victoria
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