[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Rozyszcze death record 1879 #412a

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Hello Stefan,

maybe it is

309 osób
woj. lubelskie
pow. tomaszowski
gmina Laszczów

south eastern of Lublin.

Dubicze (Losice) can also be a possibility, because it is not far away from 
Wegrow. Why do you mean that it doesn't fit?



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> Hello,
but looking at
> the file (#127 of 138) at search.labs.familysearch.org it reads more
> like "Dobutesch". At least it can't be Dubitsch near Lutsk, because
> Michael was born about 1822 and lived near Wegrow in the early 1860s and
....and Dubicze (Losice) but none convinced
me, because these either don't match up Michael's migration
(Wengrow-Lublin-Volhynia) or the spelling doesn't seem to fit well enough.

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