[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Surnames: Kerth, Neumann, Nehring, Hein

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Sun Feb 1 13:37:17 PST 2009

Anna Caroline Kerth (25 years), daughter of Christoph Kerth, married
August 18, 1841 in Witkowo Lutheran Church in Witkowo, Kreis Witkowo,
Posen, Preussen (Germany), married Johann Neumann (22 years), son of
Johann Neumann from Starvizcyner in Poland.  I would like to know more
family information predating this.  Can anyone help me on how to locate
more information from this area?  

Also, trying to find more information on Wilhelmine Nehring, married to
Gottfried Neumann.  I found two children, Emilie, born in 1874 in
Clementinow by Petrikau next to Kalisch W. P. but she died in 1876.  A
second child, Wilhelmine, was born in 1876 in Ostroima but died in 1878
in Heimtal.  I found a child "Pauline" born in 1879 to Gottfried in
Sitschinek but the mother Wilhelmine was listed with no surname and
wonder if this was his wife?  I was not able to locate a death record for
Wilhelmine, the wife, nor child Wilhelmine.  After her death, Gottfried
married Paulina Hein in 1881 and she died in Sapust in the same year. 
Any help would be appreciated.  Betner at juno.com
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