[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village names from Kiev Parish

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 2 04:45:52 PST 2009

The western boundary of Kiev Parish is not far from the city - only 
about 25-30 km or so.  You then have the Radomyschl Parish (an adjunct 
to Kiev which goes another 70 km or so, almost to Zhitomir.  And then 
you have the Volhynian parishes extending hundreds of km to the west 
before you get to the Bug River.  So it does not come anywhere even 
close to Neudorf on the Bug or to Warsaw or Lodz.

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

Robin Grube wrote:
> Hello all- I notice others of you are using the
> search.labs.familysearch.org  site. Jerry Frank recommended this to me, and
> I am so happy to report SUCCESS from the Kiev parish. Although I didn't find
> my greatgrandmother, I found her siblings, offspring of Christian JUST and
> wife, Wilhelmina HERRMANN. Now come my questions.
> 1. How far west do you think the Kiev parish covered? Warsaw? Lodz?
> 2. Which Neudorf location would be the one mentioned in these records? By
> the Bug river?
> I would like to hear if anyone has used these records and can verify their
> own villages by name and location. Thanks. Robin Grube
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