[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] ANA-BAPTIST?

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Are you suggesting Anabaptist for a particular reason?  Zarki is a just a few km north of Zaturcy and I'm not aware of any other Protestant based religions in the area besides Lutheran.  

As a Lutheran, he could have been a Kantor, holding services in his home.  The other known Protestant religions in Volhynia were Baptist and Moravian Brethren.  Mennonites (Anabaptist) were also there but I don't think in this region.  Church of God was also in Volhynia but I think they started up there after WW I, (certainly after 1900).


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> My late father-in-law's father of Zarki, Volhynia, was an elder 
> in a Protestant religion and he  held religious services in his 
> home.  Time period about 1880-1900. I was told they were not 
> Lutherans.  Would anyone know if it could be the Ana-Baptist faith?
> Any suggestions?
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