[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Evangelisch=reformed

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 2 16:58:35 PST 2009


I would be interested in seeing a copy of the cover or title page for 
your "Lutheran" church book records.

If you use the LDS search system to find microfilms of 19th century 
Lutheran records in Germany, you won't find them listed under 
"Lutheran".  They are under Evangelisch.  Example:

Evangelische Kirche Nagold (OA. Nagold) [copied and pasted from the 
search result]

They will yield Lutheran, not Reformed records because there has never 
been a Reformed Church in Nagold.

Similarly, if you wish to search for church books in Warsaw Archives, 
your options include:

The first two are Lutheran, the last one is Reformed.  There is no word 
listed equivalent to "Lutheran".  Except for the far western side of 
Volhynia near the Bug River, there was no Reformed Church presence 
within Volhynia.

I have no doubt that the church conflict existed in your referenced 
parish but I doubt the the Lutheran side referred to themselves as 
Lutheran in that time frame.

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

Carol Duff wrote:
> My family story is from Hesse, where I have found in a church book a 
> notation that a Lutheran pastor refused to baptize the son of an 
> ancestor, until that ancestor threatened to take him to his home 
> community for baptism. That man was working in Saxony at that time, and 
> Hesse was reformed. The Lutheran pastor probably wanted to convert him. 
> This was in the early 1800's.  The pastor of the home church explained 
> it to me, that they were not Lutheran but Reformed. Carol
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