[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Anabaptists

Robin Grube robinquilter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 02:05:50 PST 2009

I think Anabaptist was a good guess. Some folk were called "Stundist" also,
for saying they wanted to snatch even an hour for the special studies. My
German ancestors from Volhynia and Kiev were Lutheran, but the other side of
my family was ethnic Ukrainian from the Kiev area, and they were perhaps
AnaBaptists.The ones who worshipped on Saturday were called subotnikas, I
believe. They felt persecuted at home, and came to the US. There, they
worshipped with other Russian Baptists, some of them became Seventh-Day
Adventists and some became regular Baptists. I've had emails with other
Ukrainian-Americans on this topic and their stories were similar. If they
were true Mennonites in Russia, they could find Mennonite congregations in
the US, but others tried various churches. I comment just on the experiences
of those I know about personally. Robin Grube

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