[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Treichel and Golke Ancestry

Albert Treichel albert.treichel at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 4 07:17:09 PST 2009

List Members:
We have recently come across several documents that may be of interest to other list members with similar ancestry. My parents were born in the rural Chelm area of Eastern Poland area around 1900, were exiled to Eastern Russia during WW1 and emigrated to Canada in 1928. Their life is chronicled in the 2007 September SGGEE Journal.
The list of original documents (which I have crudely translated ) includes:
- Birth certificates for the immigrant family members prepared in 1928 from Chelm Powiat Records (in Polish)
- Certificate issued by Chelm area municipality in 1928 stating my father's occupation, good standing and authorizing his departure for Canada (in Polish)
- 1928 family passport issued for emigration (surprisingly in French as well as Polish)
- Military booklet for my father's service in the Polish army in the 1920s (in Polish, lengthy)
- Immigration Identification Cards specifying their 3rd Class passage on the SS Estonia (in English)
- Canadian Naturalization certificates dated 1934 giving the family Canadian Citizenship (in English)
- Confirmation mementoes (Erinnerung) from Poland in 1913 for my father and from Melekess, Russia in 1918 for my mother (in German)
I found it surprising that in spite of the tribulations from forced WW1 exile to remote Eastern Russia and the Russian Revolution that my mother there received an elaborate confirmation memento document in German signed by a German pastor who doubled as Vicar of Samara province. I would assume this implies there was a German church there at which confirmation classes were given. This document and their recollection of being able to work there during exile and actually save money to expand their farm upon return to Poland leads me to believe they suffered less hardship there than many others.
I would be glad to further discuss the above with list members with similar ancestry and am prepared to email some scanned copies/translations if of interest. 
Albert Treichel, Ottawa, Canada

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