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Do you have any information (family lore) that may cite another village or City close to where the family lived.  

Was the family name Boss on the immigration documents or was it possibly Buss or Busse or Boese?

When did Grandfather Edward come in the USA.

Rose Ingram
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  I am searching for information on the BOSS family.  Jacob Boss, Great Grandfather - no info on birth or death dates.  Married Efrasina (Rosina) HOFFMAN.  She died in Poland around 1900.  My Grandfather is Edward BOSS born Sept 28, 1889 and siblings William August Boss born May 10, 1886, Fred BOSS born in 1876 and Karoline BOSS born Jan 27, 1884.  She died May 13, 1967 and was married to Friedrich Gotz.  I believe she might be buried in Sobienie.  My Grandfather Edward Boss and his brothers immigrated to the USA.  Eventually my Grandfather moved to Manitoba, Canada.  On immigration papers he lists his place of birth as Zubena which I believe is Sobienie.  I do not know what religion they would have been part of at that time.  On similar documents he and his brothers list their parents as being Russian or from the Soviet Union.  I am beginning to understand some of the history of Poland and believe that would be consistent with the history of Poland at the time of his parents births.  

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