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Letter 1927 from Floretine (Peitsch) Pflugradt:
Letter Translated by Sam Hofer of Graceoale (Graceland) Colony, Lake County, SD.
Sam Hofer translated it the best that he could.
This letter was forwarded from  Mrs. Henry (Maser) Rudasky, Langenburg, Sask  to Pauline  (Peitsch) Weber in 1928.
7 Feb. 1927
Too start with too let you know how I am. Beloved, Brother-in-Law, and Brother, and also Mother-in-Law that we are, thank God so far healthy and alive yet. That we from God the Father wish you.
Want too tell you further how the weather is, there hasen’t been a strong frost yet after three weeks there was frost 8 days that we couldn’t move good. But then it got nicer. Want too let you know about the Grain Prices.
By us everthing is so expensive.
2. Bushel of Rye.2 Gold Rubel
1. Bush Wheat, 2 Rubel .30 copper
1. Bushel Barley. 1. Rubel
1. Bush Oats, One Pound potatoes 40 K
1. lb Butter. 40 K.
These prices are all figured in Russian money.
Further no much more to talk about the crop.
We want to ask you if Karl Maser still alive is, We have wrote him twice and he hasn’t wrote back. Also haven’t heard from Krieger, or from Ofsoger. Evidently they must have died already.
Want to let you about the Deutsher kids. While today Edward word to us came the brother Karl has died from the War and the oldest son finely died in 1917 and daughter Tanti Frisbine died in 1923. One of the boys married a Russian girl. The August not married yet. And the younger girl married a widower with 2 children by the name of William Smith. The youngest son Edward hasn’t married yet.
Want to close my letter now for this time. Bother-in-law, and brother, and dauhter-in-law and her 12 children. Want to greet you thousand times from our children, Olga and Aurther.
Write as soon as possible.
Edward and Florentine Pflugradt
P Newkleba Deison, Pflugold Kol Telenka Tnoyei Joafiun Pasijort Kanines Wolh Polland.

I believe that Eduard (Edward) was the son of Wilhelm Pflugradt.

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> ... lists German colonies in Volhynia?

# West part of Volhynia (Lueck 1927)

overview (German):
village index: 

# East part of Volhynia (Stumpp 1939)
overview (German):
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> Wilhelm Pflugrad ... seems to do the baptisms in Sapust and ...

A short overview about teacher Wilhelm PFLUGRADT you can read in our German VolynWiki: 

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