[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Free English language book on German villages in Mazovia - Olender and its meaning(s)

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 16 07:37:33 PST 2009

Good additional clarification, Bronwyn.  Lukasz has it right.  The 
Germans settled under the Dutch law resulting in the establishment of an 
Olendry but that doesn't mean any Dutch people were previously living 
there as is implied in the book.

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

Bronwyn Klimach wrote:
>  http://www.beactivetour.com/ciekawostki.html
> Under the title 'Interesting Facts' Lukasz writes:
> The Olender (Old-Lutheran) colonization in Poznań /Posen/ Province
> Olender settlement in the area around Nekla started in the middle of the
> 18th century. German peasants (followers of Old-Lutheran denomination) were
> settled there under Dutch law and founded Nekielskie Olędry, presently
> called Nekielka. They arrived in the area from the Brandenbug - Wielkopolska
> border and settlements estabished earlier west from Poznań. After Prussia
> started to occupy this Polish area in 1793, the settlement was renamed Nekla
> Hauland.
> Lukasz goes on to give succinct reasons for Olender settlement, and features
> of it, etc.
> Hopefully this will extend the understanding of Olender!
> Kind regards,
> Bronwyn.**

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