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You appear to have found the marriage of your grand parents in the St. 
Petersburg marriage records (Heimtal parish), as your data matches the 
data found there- although your grandmother's maiden name is shown as 
Schnneland in the extraction (easy to do when u and m and n are just 

Groom Surname 	Groom Given Name 	Event Day and Month 	Event Year 
Place 	Bride Surname 	Bride Given Name 	Film or Item 	Page Number 
Register 	Remarks
Stebner 	Heinrich 	25 Jan 	1882 	Heimtal Parish 	Schnneland 	Juliane 
1897596/1 	974 	14 	

I can find nothing on either Heinrich Stebner or Julianna Schmuland 
other than the marriage record in either the MPD or the PRI, but it 
appears that a sister to Julianna is listed as follows in the St. 
Petersburg birth records:

Surname 	Given Name 	Birth Day and Month 	Birth Year 	Event Place 
Father 	Mother 	Film or Item 	Page Number 	Register 	Remarks
Schmuland 	Emilie 	24-Dec 	1868 	Gruenthal 	Gottfried 	Pischle , 
Justine 	1884113/1 	163 	4 	

There is also a Schmuland St. Petersburg death where the mother was a 
Stebner (there MAY be a connection) as follows

Schumland 	Andreas 	04 Mar 	1885 	Ellinow, Wlad. 	
	Stebner 	Susanna 	1897692/1 	591 	1285

Since Julianna and her parents do not seem to appear in the St. 
Petersburg records before the 1882 marriage, it would appear that they 
arrived in Volhynia shortly before the 1882 marriage.   Unless you know 
the names of Gottfried's parents, I do not see enough to find him.

I note, finally that the PRI indicates Schmuland family in the Lublin 
area in the 1870s, so they may have passed through that area to get to 

Gary Warner

Doncarolea at aol.com wrote:
> My grandfather, Heinrich Stebner, married my grandmother, Julianna  
> Schmuland, on Jan 25, 1882 in Heimtal, Volhynia.  I believe that he was  born July 25, 
> 1860 and that she was born in 1865. Her parents were  Gottfried Schmuland and 
> Justine Pischl.  They emigrated to America in  1913.
> I would like to know the towns in which they were born, the names of  
> Heinrich Stebner's parents and where both of the German Lutheran families  originally 
> came from.  I would appreciate any assistance.
> Don Anderson
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