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I thought I had properly thanked Jerry and Otto for trying to help with my Kazapen problem, but I must have clicked on "delete" rather than "send."  Anyway, thanks to both.  The term seems to have been a slippery one.  If anyone comes across it anywhere, please let me know.

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  Hi Dick, 

  Best I can do on short notice is an on-line reference at 
  Do a "find on page search", and you will see that it occurs
  in this context:

  Es war ihnen auch gelungen, mit den anderen in Bessarabien siedelnden 
  Bevölkerungselementen (Moldowaner, Kazapen, Bulgaren, Ukrainer, Gagausen) 
  zu einer freundschaftlichen Lebensgemeinschaft mit Arbeitsteilung (Bulgaren) zu gelangen

  Der Panoramarundblick zeigt das Dorf Hannowka im August 2004. 
  Ein neues Schulgebäude ist seit 10 Jahren im Bau. Bis 1940 wohnten 
  im unteren Dorfteil die Deutschen , im oberen die "Kazapen",=2 0Angehörige 
  einer russischen Glaubens- richtung.

  I found these, just googling.  But I did restrict the language to German.  There are a 
  few other citations worth considering (in Google Books, books that have been scanned).

  Sorry for not translating, I thought we'd get you straightened out first.

  The reference usually seems to be in the context of the Bessarabian

  Al Muth

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Can anyone give me a good idea of what is or was meant by the term 
"Kazapen"?  I've seen references that make it seem to apply to an ethnic 
group, a religious sect, or a nasty group of anti-Semites.

Thanks for any help.

Dick Benert 

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