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I'm guessing you got that reference off the Bessarabian St. Pete film index?
You probably know this, but images of those records are online if you want
to check the original.  

http://labs.familysearch.org/ (Click on Record Search; Click on Asia &
Middle East; Click Russian Lutheran Church Book Duplicates)

Or since it sounds like the family ended up in Bessarabia, if you need
suggestions on Bessarabian records to search, let me know.

Carolyn Schott

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>This was actually regarding the birth of Christoph Friedrich 
>Wuerch who was actually born 6 Mar 1814 in Kochanow (Gluchow 
>parish records).  My source for his birth in Salzfeld:  
>Bessarabian Village Birth Records, 1881-85 (R. Drefs), "Born 
>1812 Salzfeld, Poland".  I'll have to look again at the copy 
>of his birth record and see if there is any mention of Salzfeld.
>Thanks, again, Jerry, and enjoy the Milwaukee convention!
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>  Actually it would normally be called Neu Salzfeld = 
>Nowosolna, located about 30 km west of Kochanow, on the road 
>between Lodz and Rawa Mazowiecka.  Many Germans settled for a 
>year or two in this region upon arrival from their German home 
>and then moved further east.
>  Unless you are thinking of the original Salzfeld in Germany 
>which would be quite a distance away.
>  Jerry (from Milwaukee, starting to get ready for the convention)
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>  > Can anyone tell me where SALZFELD Poland is?  Is it
>  > anywhere near Kochanow (Erdmannswieler)?
>  >
>  > Carol Jones researching "Which Wurch/Werch/Wuerch/Wirch/Wuirch
>  > is which"
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