[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Radom church document request

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Earl (or anyone else)
    Wasn't Sierpc part of the Lipno church parish?
     Is there some where a list of towns that  the Lipno church covered?
     I know that Plock was the voivodship for Lipno,  but wasn't (for 
     Plock part of the Lipno church?    
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Bob and  Bronwyn & others, 

no these churches are Lutheran Churches and they  are still operating today.
EZAB has the Rypin records but I believe not the  Sierpc records.  I have 
Michalki-Rypin records from 1810 to 1865  (LDS films 715,096 to 715,102) in
an indexed file and I'm currently putting  the families together before
submitting this to SGGEE for their Pedigree  Database.


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