[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Radom church document request

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Bob, Uwe Kerntopf has a wonderful site that lists the villages in Lipno and 
the names of the surrounding parishes as well. You will see that Lipno, 
Sierpc, Rypin, Plock are each separate parishes. The records for Lipno and 
Rypin are in the EZA but for Sierpc and Plock they are not. Those must be 
searched or requested through the Archive in Plock.


Both Lipno and Rypin have active Evangelical parishes. The church in Sierpc 
now belongs to the Catholic congregation and they have added to it, repaired 
it, and worship in it weekly. I was thrilled to worship in both the Sierpc 
and the Rypin church last summer.

hope this helps clarify things.

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> Earl (or anyone else)
>    Wasn't Sierpc part of the Lipno church parish?
>     Is there some where a list of towns that  the Lipno church covered?
>     I know that Plock was the voivodship for Lipno,  but wasn't (for
> instance)
>     Plock part of the Lipno church?
> Bob

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