[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Schneider search in Canada

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 3 05:52:17 PDT 2009

I received the following message from Andreas Schneider in Germany.  He 
does not subscribe to our mailing list so, if you can help, please 
respond to him directly at this address:

schneiderseminar at 12online.de

The translated message is:
I am writing about my relatives who emigrated from Wolhynien in 
1905-1935 to Canada. My great grandmother Bertha Schneider (father's 
name August) was born  15.08.1894 (marriage name Schmidt).  Until her 
year of death (approx. 1929-1930) she lived in the place Dobry Kut in 
Pulin (Shitomir), Wohlynien. Their family has consisted of 4 people.
Husband - Gustav Schmidt (father's name Gottlieb) 12/07/1892
And the children:
Ida  Schmidt 19.09.1923; Waldemar Schmidt in 1926; Robert Schmidt in 1929.
I have found all dates of birth in grandmother's birth certificate.
But now central issue, belonging is to my search.

Bertha had a brother, Edward Schneider.
I do not know the dates of birth of Edward Schneider . My grandmother 
Ida has told me that Edward must be about 5 years older than his sister 
Bertha. So year of birth of Edward must be about in in 1888-1889 or so.
Further the history is that Edward Schneider with two sons and his wife 
migrated to Canada sometime between 1905-1930.
How has he go to Canada? Our family has not information as to whether or 
not he really did go.

Dear Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have to you a request if some 
information about my relatives exists generally to send me by email.

Yours sincerely
Andreas Schneider
02.06.2009 Hannover


Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

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