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I spent the better part of week in the EZA Berlin Archives couple of years
ago. They have all the church records from Koenigsburg in what used to be
East Prussia. I was really on a wild goose chase because 
the only information I had was the  family came form Koenigsburg, and I
assumed it was East Prussia, although I understand there were a lot of
germans emigrating from Oest Preussen in the early 1800's. 
My GrGrandfather Christian was born in Rudinka, Volhynia in 1832 and all I
know is that his father was Jakob. I may yet go back, or get a researcher to
follow up and see whether any Ittermann's came from there. The people in the
archive at that time said to their knowledge there were none of my relatives
coming from there. Christian married Luise Berwold's (Baerwald) whose family
came out of Pommerania. Which does not help. I have their marriage
certificate which shows Christian to be 15 yrs old and Luise was 13 years of
age. I thought it was a bit early, but I understand it was not uncommon for
marriages at that age where the families knew each other.
I tried recently to get them to do some searching for me on the name. They
just referred me some researchers in Berlin. Accomodation in Berlin would be
pretty pricy now. Probably several hundred euro's a day.

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EZA is the "Evangelical Archives" of the Eastern European Protestant
They allow you to go to their Berlin  Offices and do the  research there, or
you  can have them do the research for you..  There are fees.
 You can read what they have & what they offer at _http://ezab.de_
(http://ezab.de)  ...
Last year,  I emailed them my grandfather's name,  his brother's  name, and
two sisters names,  and the towns they gave on their Ellis Island  
manifests (which, by the way weren't quite correct).    They  found most
but I hadn't given them the parents name - not  expecting their reply in
than 24 hours! ..   When I gave  their 
parents names,  they found the first marriage, the death of my great
grandmother, the remarriage of my ggfather and one earlier child (my grand  
father).   In two weeks I had all copies mailed to me - BEFORE I sent  their

payment (~ 100 Euros, two hours work & copies & mailing)
I am tempted to request more,  but I *KNOW* I must get into the  microfilm 
records myself if I expect to learn.   
I joined the SGGEE and found my gggparents names and their two sons (one
being my ggfather) in the master database, so there's many names missing but
there are lots more than I've found elsewhere, and I'll soon be adding more.

  Researching:  Krampitz, Wollenberg (my records say  Woldenberg),  Malon,
Kreuger,  and Buroff.  
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Have you seen records for Rypin and Sierpc on EZAB as I cannot find them  
there (and hope I am not missing something terribly obvious)?

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Earl,  is that a Catholic church?   As the  Lutheran churches  (likely
long gone) have their  old books at the EZA  in Berlin
(__http://ezab.de__ (http://ezab.de_/)  (_http://ezab.de_ (http://ezab.de/) 
) )


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