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In Wisconsin, marriage records between 1907 and the late 1970's are not in any public online index, so must be researched at the county courthouse where the marriage took place. This is also true for deaths and births since 1907. For these vital records as well as for wills and property ownership records, the county courthouse would be the archives location to seek, if you know which county your family lived in when the event took place. The counties in southeastern Wisconsin are small--within a 50 mile radius of Milwaukee you might need to research as many as 7 different counties (Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, etc.) or more distant areas of the state, depending on where your family lived.

Naturalization records for Wisconsin have been archived at the University of Wisconsin libraries at numerous locations, including Madison, Milwaukee, and the Parkside campus in Kenosha County. 

It would be worth contacting these places ahead of time to learn what holdings they contain and their hours and rules of access. A few hours in such archives might prove very fruitful, but you may also have to wait several weeks to get results from microfilm that may be housed off site, particularly for a large archive like the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The records in the courthouses are indexed on site, and if you provide the clerks with the records you find  in the indexes, you can make a request for the information to be sent to you later if your time in Milwaukee is limited.

Karla Walters

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