[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Moehringen Wuerttemberg (attempt #2)

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What is the original source for the first couple.
What is the on-line source for the second couple. 

Rose Ingram
  From: F&RM Haddad 
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  Sorry - my computer "hiccuped". I'll try again. I wrote

  Is anyone doing research in Moehringen right now, or has information on the

  My ancestress in question is Catharina or Anna Catharina Guenther, born
  07.Feb.1719, wife of (Jung) Anstaet Gohl. The original (in the sense of the
  first one - a Stamm-Buch which I considered quite factual) information I
  have shows her as the daughter of

  Johann (Hans) Guenther      *23.Apr.1692      +25.Dec.1732      who married
  Margarethe Heuk                 *13.May.1696

  However, other "sources" (online) would make Anna Catharina the daughter of

  Johann Guenther and
  Barbara Neuffer                  *17.Sep.1694      +19.Mar.1762      who he
  married 12.Feb.1715?

  (Would the real mother please stand up?)

  So - has anyone access to the church records, or has anyone researched this
  line, to be able to give me a definitive answer? If it is indeed Barbara
  Neuffer, there are some intriguing (and extensive) links with nobility that
  go back a long way. Before I put material in my genealogy program that could
  take some deleting if incorrect, I need to find out. So I'm asking here
  first, before possibly ordering the Moehringen microfilms.

  Thanx in advance for help.

  Rose-Marie Haddad

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