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I had excellent success with handwritten Russian documents from  Lipno.
I scanned them in, put them on an accessible web page (there are dozens of 
  free ones) and put my request on a Polish web site that has been  doing
  Russian to Polish translations for years  (you can get google  to 
  the now digital Polish to anything you want)..
         _http://www.genealodzy.pl/_ (http://www.genealodzy.pl/) 
   There's also one English group where someone will translate  Polish to 
   You will have to register.
   For a while they had one area where everyone posted  translation 
   but I later noticed people opening new  subjects.     YMMV     
   If you use Google to translate,  use two  browser windows,  one 
   translated, and one not,  as you cannot login, post,  etc  through the 
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tomjess64 at comcast.net writes:

on  another note, I have copies of pages from church records I received 
from  LDS.  I took them to a local business that specializes in polish  
vacations and they guided me to a translator. She took a look at the pages and  
said she was not able to translate even though she is a certified translator.  
She helped with a few town names but that was it. Is there anyone who  
specializes in hard to translate polish church records? 

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