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As to what emigrants  wrote as their 'old home' on manifests.
My grandfather wrote "Kickol"    (misspelled Kikol that  threw me off a bit)
His Brother said "Lipno, Plock"     (which  was their church & their govt 
Two sisters used just "Lipno".
But, they were from Barany,  ~7km from Lipno and more than 65km
from Plock.   Fortunately,  the church covering them was  Lipno's.
There was a different church covering Plock.   I don't know if  any
civil records may have been stored at Plock.
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Since we  have been talking about Polish records lately, I wonder if any of
you have  looked at records of Germans born in Warsaw, probably evang
(Lutheran). I  just want to know, in a general way, if you think I have any
chance of  finding him just by paging through parish records. Are there 
records  available? My grandfather, when he came to the USA after marrying
another  German near Kiev, wrote "Warsaw" as his place of birth on  passport
application, etc. Perhaps he is not from there, at all, but just  thought
that might be the only place Americans would recognize! I would be  happy to
order some FHL microfilms if I knew what parish might be worth a  try. My
particular details: Karl HAAK, born 1863. Only other info I have is  that he
had a brother Gottlieb, born c. 1867
Thanks for any pointers. I  have written about him before, but I still have
no new info, and don't know  what to try next.
Robin Haak  Grube

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