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Do you have more data, like the names of the parents?

Paul is correct that the church books mostly have indexes (usually at 
the end of the book), but sometimes you will find no index, or 
alternately you will find a whole bunch of indexes all together in one 
place- perhaps a decade's worth of indexes in one book.

Gary Warner

Paul Rakow wrote:
>     Robin,
>         Usually the Polish parish records have indexes, sorted by
>   the first letter of the surname, so instead of having to look
>   through all the births, you just have to read through the list
>   of "H" surnames, looking for Haak, (or similar), a much easier
>   task. The index will tell you the record number and/or page number
>   for the full entry.
>        I looked at the LDS catalogue. For Protestants in Warsaw I only
>   saw two churches, one Evangelical, and one Evangelical-Reformed.
>   The LDS catalogues these as copies of the church records,
>   these copies served as the civil records.
>     Unfortunately, they both stop in 1862! Might still be worth a try,
>   in case Karl is a year older than you think, or to look for possible
>   older siblings, possible marriages of Haak couples.
>        There are also some city directories from 1869 and 1870 - maybe
>   you could look if there are any Haak families listed. (I do
>   agree with what you said - there's a risk that he just said Warsaw
>   because it was simpler than putting down the name of a small village
>   somewhere in Poland).
>                 Yours,
>                    Paul Rakow
>                    rakow at ifh.de
>   Robin Grube <robinquilter at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Since we have been talking about Polish records lately, I wonder if any of
>> you have looked at records of Germans born in Warsaw, probably evang
>> (Lutheran). I just want to know, in a general way, if you think I have any
>> chance of finding him just by paging through parish records. Are there civil
>> records available? My grandfather, when he came to the USA after marrying
>> another German near Kiev, wrote "Warsaw" as his place of birth on passport
>> application, etc. Perhaps he is not from there, at all, but just thought
>> that might be the only place Americans would recognize! I would be happy to
>> order some FHL microfilms if I knew what parish might be worth a try. My
>> particular details: Karl HAAK, born 1863. Only other info I have is that he
>> had a brother Gottlieb, born c. 1867
>> Thanks for any pointers. I have written about him before, but I still have
>> no new info, and don't know what to try next.
>> Robin Haak Grube
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