[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Obtaining Vital Records from the Polish Archives

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Mon Jun 29 10:25:28 PDT 2009


Are you confident the records you seek are in the Poznan Archives.  Some records in the 'little pocket' area from Sompolno, Babiak, down to Dabie, Turek, and Grodziec area are in the Konin affiliate (of Poznan) archive.

See http://baza.archiwa.gov.pl/sezam/pradziad.php?l=en

Rose Ingram
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  Does anyone know how I can order vital records from the Poznan State Archive? I need records that are more recent than the microfilms at the Family History Library.

  Liz Fellwock


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