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This is my 1st post, listing some of my family who were born and lived in  
Ruskoleki, Pechratka, Nowy Borek, Paproc Duza (Konigshuld). I have the 
village  plan showing residents of Paproc Duza & Mala and also the village plan 
of  Srebrny-Borek. I am looking for a village plan for Pechratka.
My family and some names I am researching are  Strandt, Strand, Szrant, 
Spitz,  Steinmeyer, Koeber, Wink, Plazick/Platzig, Kruger, Krause, Fehlberg,  
Rinas, Dressel, Gyssyng, Wildemann, Martens, Britsch, Hafeman, Schutz. My 
"Strandt" family were German Lutherans who mostly immigrated  from about 1890s 
to abt. 1922 and settled in NY, Newark New Jersey and the  surrounding 
I am looking for ties and family of my G-Grandfather Alexander Strandt,  
born 1867 who married G-Grandmother Anna Plazick/Platzig, his sister 
Wilhelmina  Strandt, born 1870 who marr. Gottlieb Stienmyer (1st born Augusta born 
1892  before immigrating), his brother Friedrich Strandt, born 1859 and wife 
Helen  Koeber immigrated in 1922 from Nowy Borek. Friedrich's son Johann 
Strand marr.  Minnie Wink. Her father was Ludwig Wink. Friedrick's daughter 
Helena (imm.  1912) married Alexander Strandt's son John Alexander Strandt (1st 
cousin  marriage). Other sons of Friedrich Strandt are: Wilhelm  & Edward. 
Wilhelm marr. Mathilde (possibly Gyssyng/Gissing) with  children Olga, Emma 
and Arthur. Edward married Johanna Dressel whose  Naturalization records 
involve Sigmund Winkel, Siegmund Penk and August Schultz  as witnesses. Probable 
relative Carl Strandt (28) and wife Emilie Strandt  (17) immigrated from 
Ostrowski in 1898 with friends Ludwig Schutz (24) and  Emilie Schutz (15) but 
I do not know what became of Carl and Emilie  Strandt.
My G-Grandfather Alexander Strandt's parents Teodor (Theodor) Strandt  and 
Fryderyka Malgorzata Spitz, married in 1851 were found by Carol Burns  in 
the Paproc records. Alexander born 16 April 1867 in Ruskolenki, with  
witnesses Jan Wildemann and Dawid Martens. Godparents: Jan Wildemann and Suzanna  
Spitz. A later film (1923) shows a marriage of Robert Aleksander  Fehlberg to 
Leopoldina Emilia Strand. Leopoldina is listed as daughter of  Ferdinand 
Strand and  Rozina Rinas. Looking for more information on  Fehlberg, Ferdinand 
Strand and Rinas. 
The Spitz family: Leopold (born abt. 1885) and wife Augusta Spitz were  
witnesses for my G-Grandfather's 2nd marriage to Martha Kruger (nee  Krause).  
Brothers to Leopold were Edward and Christian. Family were from  Pechratka. 
Julius Spitz (nephew to Leopold) born 1895 married Clara  Britsch. Julius 
had a brother Ludwig Spitz and a sister Albertina who married a  UNKNOWN 
Hafeman.  Leopold, daughter Elsie and niece Olga went back to the  old Country 
and are found immigrating back in 1938. I am looking to tie these  Spitz to my 
GG-Grandmother Fryderyka Spitz.
I am looking for more information about my family and villages and I would  
like to correspond with anybody with the names in their family or about the 
 villages before I look at microfilm. There are many locations I can't 
find:  Ostrowski, Smolee, Szimall, Grzymain and Grzcinski. Any help would be  
appreciated. I have recently become a member of SGGEE and am looking  for 
member contact and suggestions on best usage of the SGGEE site.
Geneen Giberson

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