[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village name Widoncka

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 21 13:16:45 PST 2009

I am copying this response to the mailing list so others can see names 
you are looking for.  Karen sent me scans of the passenger lists.  I 
believe that the recorded village is either Widomka or Widowka.  Though 
the m/w is not really clear, the rest of the place name is written that 
way on different lists at different times by different hands.

In research of this type, i = y.  The only close match I can find 
anywhere is Wydumka in Volhynia.  There are several in Volhynia. 
- 24 km SW of Luck (Germans known to have lived here)
- 5 km E of Rowno (Germans not known to have lived here)
- 28 km WNW of Zhitomir (Germans known to have lived here)

Having said that, the Leder surname is not common in Volhynia.  Of the 
ten I found:

- one is at Cholosna aka Julianowka, about 6 km E of the last Wydumka 
listed above
- one is at Mossiewka, about 8 km SE of the last Wydumka listed above
- two are at Ludmilowka, about 18 km E of the last Wydumka listed above

Though I could find no specific matches to the people listed below, I 
think there is enough evidence to conclude that this is the correct 

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

kander25 at cableone.net wrote:
> Jerry,
> Thanks for your offer to look into this. I am attaching  the manifest 
> as pdfs. Family name to look for is Leder,  located at the bottom of 
> the "fred" manifest, and Line 20 on the "Johann" and line 2 on "Anna".
> Johann came to ND in 1903, his wife Anna and a child came in 1905, and 
> then Fred and 2 siblings came in 1907.  As you can see, Fred and 
> Johann arrived in Baltimore. Anna arrived in NY.
> Seems odd to me that 3 different manifests in three different years in 
> two different ports would misspell the village the same way.
> Karen
> On Fri Nov 20 20:19 , Jerry Frank sent:
>     Karen,
>     As others have written, this spelling does not appear to be
>     accurate.  I did a search for that spelling on the Ellis Island
>     site and nothing showed up.
>     If you can send a copy of the manifest image to me personally, I
>     will see if I can get a better read on the spelling in context. 
>     If it is on Ellis Island, just provide me with the name and year
>     and I will go there directly myself.
>     Jerry
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>     Need help locating this village: Widoncka.
>      I have seen it on 3 different arrival manifests in different
>     years, all spelled like this. The arrival manifests say Widoncka,
>     Russia, but elsewhere the family is described as Polish.
>     Thank you for whatever leads you can provide.
>     Karen Anderson
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