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Sat Nov 21 18:54:45 PST 2009

You don't mention the dates for the three arrival manifests or where "elsewhere" the family is described as Polish rather than as Russian. Their ethnicity might be Polish even if at the same time the village of origin is described as "Russia," since most of Poland was absorbed into Russia for most of the 1800's until World War I ended in 1918. If the family is described as "Polish" in other records, they were probably ethnic Poles. Many of us have ancestors who were ethnic Germans living in either Russia or Poland, and such groups are not commonly described as "Polish" even if they were born in areas known now to lie in Poland.

Karla Walters

Need help locating this village: Widoncka. 

 I have seen it on 3 different arrival manifests in different years, all
spelled like this. The arrival manifests say Widoncka, Russia, but elsewhere
the family is described as Polish.

Thank you for whatever leads you can provide.

Karen Anderson

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