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Does anyone recognize the village/town name of Pinelwatkia, Russia? In 1906 
 Adelgunde Spitz immigrated to Ellis Island at age 16 years old. The 
village name  tha family was from was Pechratka, Russia, is now Pechratka,
near Ostrow  Mazowiecki, south of Lomza.  
Geneen Giberson


ShtetlSeeker at  has the following town which might be "Pinelwatkia" in

Pinelakhta, Kinelakhta, Kniyelakhta populated place 61°23' N 32°37' E  E M U
G Russia  428.3 miles NNW of Moskva 55°45' N 37°37' E

Pechratka, Poland has the following info on ShtetlSeeker.

Pęchratka populated place 52°52' N 22°05' E  E M U G Poland  62.3 miles NE
of Warszawa 52°15' N 21°0' E

However, Pechratka is about 700 miles from Pinelakhta.  So Pinelakhta may
not be the town.  Will do some more looking.

There is a town of Piwatki, Poland, that is about 150 miles southwest of

Joe in Texas

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