[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village name of Pinelwatki, Russia

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 29 05:35:25 PST 2009


I looked at the original Ellis Island record and Pinelwatkia is a very 
poorly extracted attempt at what is written there.

I believe the place name should be something like P---walki (compare for 
example to passenger #13 who is from Suwalki).  The P at the beginning 
seems correct given how it is written with some other surnames and in 
Pittsburgh but I am not 100% certain.  Given that the loop on the d is 
not closed in other words (Adelgunde, Leopold, etc.) I would further 
guess at P--dwalki.

I did a search with ShtetlSeeker for all place names in Poland and some 
other countries containing "walki" and did not come up with a viable 
match.  Poland is the only country with places that have that suffix.  
There is a Powalki but it is not in what would have been Russia and the 
letters, in my opinion, do not fit.  Perhaps others on the list can give 
it a try.

Jerry Frank
Calgary, AB

FoxeGenie at aol.com wrote:
> Does anyone recognize the village/town name of Pinelwatkia, Russia? In 1906 
>  Adelgunde Spitz immigrated to Ellis Island at age 16 years old. The 
> village name  tha family was from was Pechratka, Russia, is now Pechratka, Poland 
> near Ostrow  Mazowiecki, south of Lomza.  
> Geneen Giberson
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