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Since your great grandfather was probably born in the 1800's, Russian Poland 
(also called Congress Poland) included today's central, southern, and 
eastern Poland - as far east as the Bug River.  It is a large area with 
100's of villages where Germans lived, so you will somehow have to find more 
detail about where your great grandfather was born.  Until WW I, Volhynia 
(southeast of present Poland) was a separate province of Russia.

If you give more information, such as his name, his wife, parents, children, 
time period, then perhaps someone on the list may be able to help.

Dick Stein
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> are there compiled records for the Volhynian area? or are the church
> records still seperate and difficult to view? I keep hoping that the
> records will become easy to scan as all I have for my great
> grandfather's place of birth is Russian Poland, which has me assuming
> Volhynia, but the bounderies of Russian Poland are not so defined as
> that, are they?
> Cornelia
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